Receive personable and reliable QuickBooks Online support and training

1-on-1 QuickBooks Online Training Services

Learn how to get the most of the QuickBooks Online platform, including basic tools, automations, integrations, and data synchronizations.

Finally, you’ve taken the leap to the latest and greatest online bookkeeping software.  You know how much time this is going to save you.  Now you just need reliable, 1-on-1 support and training to take full advantage of this intelligent platform and to combine it with your bookkeeping.

    Benefits of 1-on-1 QuickBooks Online training:

    • QuickBooks and bookkeeping training go hand in hand so you’re learning valuable business skills in addition to the software
    • 100% customized to what you need – no wasted time learning stuff you don’t need
    • Flexible availability for training
    • Remote instruction using your computer and remote assistance
    • Personal 1-on-1 training with a plan or on the fly
    • Learn how to automate tasks to reduce data entry time and errors
    • The training material is your paperwork and data file
    • Supportive environment
    • A/R, A/P, customer & vendor set up, bank/credit card syncing & feeds, reconciliations, chart of accounts set up, year end preparation – any other areas, just ask

    Receive expert support and make bookkeeping a breeze!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How does your 1-on-1 Quickbooks Online training work?
    A: I use software to view your computer and offer guidance. This also allows me to take control when needed to assist you in your learning.  By the end of the session, you will feel much more confident on how to properly proceed with whatever task you were working on.

    Q: What training materials do you provide?
    A: Your company data is the training material.  This ensures the training is productive and ensures the lessons are more easily retained.  An added benefit is that the training is done in your normal everyday working environment with your own tools so that when I am not there guiding you, everything is still familiar.  I may have some PDF resources or articles for you to refer to later.

    Q: What if I only need a little bit of training or minor guidance with my books?
    A: I offer support packages for just this reason.  Sometimes it’s nice having the ability to pick up the phone and get some help right away to finish the task at hand. I have a 15 minute minimum for each call and the packages are good for 6 months from date of purchase.  Call to get a 1-on-1 training quote.

    Q: What are your requirements for remote QBO training?
    A: Since all training is done on your company file and your computer, you will need access to a QBO file, the ability to do remote access on your computer and a  telephone.

    Q: Do you offer onsite training?
    A: No. I choose to do 1-on-1 remote training only.


    I'm so glad I finally found a great Bookkeeper. Kelly has affordable rates and helps you get your QuickBooks untangled. She got me all setup so now I know exactly what's going on. Kelly does accurate and professional work.

    - Randy (Google Reviews)

    It has been a pleasure working with Kelly J Bookkeeping over the past 5 years.  Kelly J Bookkeeping offers the most current and innovative online bookkeeping services.  Most impressive, though, is how Kelly J Bookkeeping has year after year provided excellent customer service that is prompt, professional, and most importantly - secure.  I highly recommend using the bookkeeping services provided by Kelly J Bookkeeping. 

    - John Colpo, President, Hilco Systems Ltd. (Google Reviews)

    Kelly has been doing the bookkeeping for my family business for several years now. She is knowledgeable, efficient, dedicated, and easy to work with. I highly recommend Kelly J Bookkeeping

    - Claudia (Google Reviews)

    Kelly was a huge help to me in getting my books set up on a new system, and giving me some extra training.  Kelly returns calls promptly, is on time for appointments, and is very easy to work with and learn from.  I highly recommend Kelly  J. Bookkeeping.

    - Terry (Google Reviews)

    Reliable and thorough bookkeeping and monitoring and admin. of filing obligations with CRA

    - Pat Frewer (Alignable Reviews)

    Great bookkeeper with high standards! Knows what she is doing.

    - Claire Shawcross, CPA (Alignable Reviews)

    I've worked with Kelly for the last year, and she's taken care of my Bookkeeping using QuickBooks Online. She's very professional and really help me to sort everything and get it all organized. She showed me step by step how to maintain things so it'll be so much easier going forward. Now I never have to worry about my taxes being late again!

    - Randy (Intuit - Find an Accountant Reviews)

    I have worked with Kelly since 2013. Her approach is to establish a working partnership and provide teaching so that as a small business owner I have a good understanding how to track the health of my business. She is very easy to communicate with by phone and email. I highly recommend Kelly especially if you are just getting started and need extra support.

    - Jan (Intuit - Find an Accountant Reviews)


    Are you stuck, behind, or just plain lost?

    Don’t worry! I also offer bookkeeping catch up / clean up / troubleshooting to help you get back on track.

    Still have questions?

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